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Increase Sales From Your Dynamic Web Site

The Clicct Solutions suite of travel applications and integrated Web Site enables easy to use information-driven selling by using consistent, accurate information and advanced selling tools to accelerate your sales cycle and complete your booking. From identifying prospect needs, executing on upsell/cross-sell opportunities, creating proposed travel itineraries, to handling complex quotes and reservations, fulfilling bookings and paying commission compensation, Clicct Application Solutions increase your selling effectiveness by using consistent and available travel information in every phase of the sales and booking process.

The Clicct Customer and Booking Management applications provide well designed and easy to use processes to improve your productivity when working with customers on a potential booking. The Clicct Solution provides features to help with real-time customer interaction by leading and enabling you to complete each quote and reservations activity from the gathering and understanding of customer requirements to the completion of the bookings management business process.