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Bookings and Quote Management

A streamlined quote and reservations management process is a critical link between your retail sales agents, tour operators and fulfillment organizations. Clicct's Quote Management software gives you a fully integrated business process and solution to manage your customer's requirements by responding as quickly as possible to prepare and present the best information for the requested tour or dynamic package. The Clicct Solution uses best practices, easy to use application functionality and up-to-date information to prepare an accurate quote and quickly present this to the customer with the most interesting and relevant itinerary information for their needs.

Clicct Solutions provides a very comprehensive and flexible solution to help you manage and meet the requirements and demands of the customer or sales agent by converting a prepared quote into an approved booking and reservation. This ensures that you respond with the relevant information and manage the business from quote to reservation, through invoicing, payment and booking fulfillment. The Clicct solution has the application functionality to help you manage a booking (simple, complex or dynamic) whether it is one hotel booking (on a specific date), a preplanned tour or a specific customer need that requires dynamic packaging. The booking management system leads you through an easy to use process accessing data on flights, hotels (rates and dates - special pricing or stop-sell), transfers (air, rail, limo, etc.), excursions and activities.