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The MYCLICCT section of the website is designed and provided for your benefit as a customer and user of the Clicct Solution. In this section you will find help and documentation that will help to ensure you have access to the knowledge and resources needed to maintain your satisfaction and effectiveness as a user of the Clicct Solution. This information and documentation covers the operation and use of the system, the technical software solution architecture, the regular housekeeping to manage users and their access and if necessary, a place to report bugs in the system.

It is important to the people who work at Clicct Solutions that you get the most out of your business applications and the information management solution and the MyClicct web site has been designed to provide that help and support to you as a user.

It is also there for you to provide your feedback to the management of Clicct Solutions.This feedback can be suggestions such as ways to change or enhance the features and functionality of the Clicct solution, opportunities to integrate to other suppliers in the travel industry, and improve the communication between you and Clicct.

It is Clicct Solutions commitment and goal to continuously improve and develop the solution to meet the ever changing needs of the travel industry. That is why it is important that we hear and listen to the needs of your company. The Clicct solution was developed by people in the small to medium tour operations business and the future development of the solution will be determined by these types of users. This will ensure that the solution will continue to suit the specific requirements of the small to medium sized company.